Turning Salesforce into an Enterprise Sales Machine

Turning Salesforce into an Enterprise Sales Machine

Combining SalesPath+ with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud (CRM) creates the sales execution solution for Enterprise Sales Teams

In 1991, Jeffrey Moore introduced the whole product concept in his groundbreaking book Crossing the Chasm. Moore explained that most early-stage, high technology companies fail because they come to market with a technology or incomplete product and not a complete solution for one intractable problem in one business vertical.

CRM is Only Part of the Answer

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is not the whole product for enterprise sales teams, especially those engaged in a complex sales cycle selling Information Technology or Medical Devices. CRM software provides some of the fundamental functions that enterprise sales teams require, but CRM does not provide all that is necessary to help an enterprise sales team close the sale. CRM is a necessary but incomplete part of the sales execution solution enterprise sales teams require for maximum productivity.

Enter Sales Execution Software

To achieve maximum revenue productivity, enterprise sales teams require a Sales Execution Solution that extends the base functionality of CRM with functionality for creating, deploying and monitoring real-time sales processes, as well as qualifying a sales opportunity according to a company’s relative competitive strengths and influence when measured against a prospect’s buying criteria and its buying team.

Business-to-business (B2B) companies that implement a sales execution solution across their front-line enterprise sale team will sell more, increase win rates, improve the accuracy of their revenue forecast, and benefit from better CRM hygiene.

The illustration below outlines the complete solution created when SalesPath+, a SalesForce-native application, is added to Salesforce's Sales Cloud (CRM), addressing the sales execution cycle of Qualifying, Selling and Closing.

Due to the complex nature of enterprise sales, the added ability to create a plan for every SalesForce opportunity is critical to the success of the sales motion.  SalesPath+ does just that… empowers the sales executive to follow a proven process for every qualified opportunity to ensure the optimal "close-won" rate.

To see how SalesPath+ would work in your environment, contact sales@advancedsales.ai for a demo and opportunity to qualify for a limited-time, no cost, no obligation, test drive of SalesPath+ in your SalesForce environment.

SalesPath+ is a native Salesforce application, available from the Salesforce AppExchange.


Kevin O’Keefe, CEO, AdvancedSales.ai

Greg Plum, CMO, AdvancedSales.ai