Advanced Sales AI Launches Score IT!
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Advanced Sales AI Launches Score IT!

Advanced Sales AI Launches Score IT! – Available Immediately

Philadelphia, PA, January 24, 2022 — Advanced Sales AI (ASAI) announced today the launch of Score IT!, a Salesforce native application for qualifying B2B enterprise sales opportunities. Score IT! is a companion application to ASAI’s current product, SalesPath+. SalesPath+ allows sales organizations to deploy real-time sales processes across its enterprise sales teams, and Score IT! standardizes the qualification process and identifies holes in an opportunity’s sales strategy.

Kevin O’Keefe, Executive Chairman of Advanced Sales AI, stated, “When these two applications are deployed together within Salesforce’s industry-leading CRM, they create a comprehensive sales productivity solution for B2B enterprise sales teams. By combining SalesPath+ and Score IT! with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, sales teams will increase efficiency and win rates, generate more accurate sales forecasts, increase revenue, and reduce discount rates.”

SCORE IT! Overview:

Score IT! has three modules: the Discovery Score, the Relative Buying Criteria Score, and the Relative Power Relationship Score.

The Discovery Score module is a questionnaire that sales management wants every seller to ask every prospect to determine an opportunity’s fit to the company’s qualification criteria. Score IT! allows sales management to deploy their own qualification questions or to deploy templates for MEDDIC, MEDDPIC, or BANT that come included as standard options.

The Relative Buying Criteria Score module allows a seller to calculate a score that measures the relative fit of one’s product offering to the prospect’s buying criteria when compared to the relative fit of all competitors’ products being considered for the sales opportunity.

The Relative Power Relationship Score module allows a seller to calculate a score that measures the relative strength of one’s relationships with all the members of a buying team when compared to the strength of the relationships a competitor enjoys with a buying team.

Together, the three modules of Score IT! present a comprehensive view of a Sellers’ probability of winning each opportunity, providing insights on one’s competitive strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting next steps to implement the opportunity’s SalesPath or sales plan.

The combination of Score IT! and SalesPath+ creates a rich data set that allows Sales Management, Revenue Operations, and Product Marketing to continuously improve sales best practices and sales processes, identify new product requirements, and better position one’s products against the competition.

Score IT! is available now as part of SalesPath+. SalesPath+ is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

About Advanced Sales AI:

Advanced Sales AI is a Salesforce partner located in Philadelphia, PA. Its mission is to develop, market, and support Salesforce native applications that help front line B2B sales teams sell more.